The Arts

No matter what your life plans or career path, the arts help you to develop the skills you need to succeed: Communication and relational skills. Confidence and the ability to think on your feet. Creative thinking and physical dexterity. Critical thinking and public speaking. At Pitt, you can experience the arts and make progress toward your goal, whether it's becoming a world-renowned stage lighting expert or attending Harvard Medical School.  

Sofia Sandoval

“When I came to college, I started taking the art classes that I loved and thought about how they could help me become a better doctor one day. And then it hit me: A surgeon is but an artist with a scalpel, and the human body is a canvas. I began to look at degree options that would have me take premedicine classes but also allow me to take other classes I was interested in.”

—Sofia Sandoval (Studio Arts and Natural Sciences)

Read about Sofia Sandoval's experiences pursuing both studio arts and natural sciences while preparing to attend Harvard Medical School.

Popular Majors

Students interested in the arts often explore such majors and minors as:

Career Choices

Recent graduates of the arts have gone on to exciting careers, with such titles as: 

  • Artistic director
  • Arts editor
  • Associate, Morgan Lewis Law Firm
  • Cinematographer 
  • Costume designer
  • Director of event technology
  • Doctoral student, Stanford University
  • Graphic designer
  • Medical school student, Harvard University
  • Professor
  • Senior director of higher education assessment, Educational Testing Service
  • Stage manager
  • Writer and producer