Peer Mentors

Lots of programs offer peer mentoring. What makes BRIDGES mentors different is that each and every one of them started just where you are today. They came to Pitt on a scholarship and decided to join our community to meet new people, maximize their academic performance, and experience Pitt to the fullest. Having been in your shoes, our mentors are uniquely positioned to share the tricks of the trade that will help you get the most out of your education and your time at Pitt. They’re like your well-connected older siblings on campus.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with your mentor in small groups during monthly Pitt Stops.

"At Pitt Stops, I could talk to someone who went through the experience of being a freshman in a new world. If I had any problems or got lost for the 50th time, I could talk to my mentor and they would always have a solution (probably because they had the same problems). It was reassuring to realize there were other people who were as lost as me because it made me realize that it is okay to be lost. I have found my way and I’m sure all freshman do sooner or later." -Jonathan Dawlabani, Chemistry

Student Leaders

Chichi Adeleke - Academic Co-Chair

Hi all! My name’s Chichi. I am a senior with a Microbiology major and a double minor in Africana Studies and Chemistry, on a pre-dental track. I’m from Ames, Iowa – Go Cyclones! This will be my 3rd year as a BRIDGES mentor and my 1st year as a BRIDGES Student Leader. My favorite thing about Pitt is the amount of resources and connections you have in the community around you. It is very easy to find exactly the help you need if you get out there and look. My goal is to help make the freshman year transition a lot easier for you guys because I know how stressful it can be when you’re trying to maintain a scholarship. My one piece of incoming advice to everyone would be to master your time management skills as early as possible! Trust. Me.

I’m super excited for this school year with BRIDGES, and I hope you all are too!


Timotheus Hinton - Communications Chair

Hey, people! My name is Timotheus Hinton and I’m a junior from Rochester, NY. Computer Science is my major and legal studies is my minor. A little piece of advice I can give you is to not be afraid to grow. Go out and explore new places, meet different people, try things you’ve never done before. College is the only time where your sole job is to learn and grow in different facets of life. Take the time to experience everything you can, because you may never have the opportunity to do so in the real world. And don’t stress it if you don’t know where to begin or are overwhelmed. Pitt has a bunch of organizations and resources (like BRIDGES) that will help guide you to success wherever you desire.



Chidera Mgbudem - Mentor Co-Chair

My name is Chidera Mgbudem, and I am senior Microbiology major with minors in English Literature and Chemistry. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. My favorite thing about Pitt is the variety; there are so many combinations of majors, minors, certificates ad classes to choose from! You’ll be much more well-rounded when you leave Pitt because of all the interdisciplinary exposure. My advice to freshman would be to use all of the resources BRIDGES provides to help keep your scholarship. Involve yourself in clubs, but its okay to take things slowly your first semester to make sure you’ve developed good study habits first.



Julian Rowe - Mentor Co-Chair

Hey! My name is Julian and I am from Bowie, MD. I am majoring in Biological Sciences, and getting minors in Economics and Chemistry. This year, I’ll be a senior and planning to go on to medical school after undergrad. I would choose Pitt over and over again because it is so easy to do whatever you want to here. Take a little initiative, talk to a couple people, and you can start any project or follow any academic program that peaks your interest. Honestly, the hardest part is figuring out where your interests lie. If I could only give one piece of advice to the incoming freshman class, I would advise them to connect with people. Find peers who will motivate you, mentors that will guide you, and teachers/professionals that can pull strings to get you to the places you want to go.



Brendan Ojukwu - Academic Co-Chair

Hi, my name is Brendan and I am a junior from Albany, NY. I am working towards a Neuroscience major with minors in Africana Studies and Chemistry. In my time here, I've come to learn that Pitt is very accommodating. Campus, as well as the city beyond, is teeming with students whose esoteric interests have enabled them to blaze unique academic/extracurricular trails. All the opportunities here and the uncharted waters they create can even cause some freshmen to shy away from taking critical first steps. However, you- the proactive student- will be unfazed. If you get your most pressing questions answered early on, formulate efficient study plans, and strike a nice school-life balance, you'll find yourself on a streamlined path toward your goals. Always hustle to bring your dreams to fruition.





Oluwatobi Ajimoko

You can see my full name above, but you, my dear person, can call me Tobi. I am from everywhere in New Jersey…but I rep Newark, Williamstown, and Nigeria. I am a junior majoring in Economics and Africana Studies, minoring in Statistics. At first, I wasn’t excited to attend Pitt, mainly because it seemed so far away from the bigger colleges I knew and I didn’t know what it had to offer, but being here for the past 2 years has shown me that Pitt Is Lit in all ways. My favorite thing about Pitt is the fact that you can have an idea and see it come to life. I have many friends and acquaintances that here that have started clubs, joined fellowships, and gotten grants for their research and ideas. I think that’s inspiring for others because we tend to think we need to graduate to have our ideas heard, but at Pitt, you don’t. I’m excited to be a BRIDGES mentor because I want you guys to have the best transition possible, and if I can help with that, I’d love to. And remember, make sure to reach out to people when you get here, that’s part of the fun!


Dara Broadnax

My name is Dara Broadnax and I am a sophomore from Philadelphia, PA. I am a Communications major at Pitt with minors in Africana Studies and Political Science. I am super excited to be a BRIDGES mentor this year and I am excited about all of the great things that we can accomplish together. Pitt is such an awesome place to be because the possibilities are endless. College is full of uncertainties, but Pitt does its very best to ease them. My advice to freshman would be to quickly immerse yourself in the Pitt community, both academically and socially. However, keep in mind that developing good time management skills is the key to success in college. Always network and make connections with others. Never be scared to reach out for help and don’t be afraid to try new things. Looking forward to meeting you!



Eden Hailu

Eden is currently in Tanzania studying abroad, so she will update her bio upon her return!






Lauryn Hood

Hello my dear freshmen!! My name is Lauryn Hood and I am from Ypsilanti, Michigan. I am a junior here at Pitt. I am currently a double major in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Spanish. My favorite thing about Pitt is the athletic program. I would suggest attending as many games as possible because you can meet soooo many people there, while showing your school spirit (also because they’re lit #H2P). I chose to become a BRIDGES mentor because I want to make the transition for you as easy as mine was. My advice for freshmen is to take advantage of ALL of the opportunities that Pitt has to offer and to get involved in as much as you can. Pitt has so any resources that can help you to maintain your scholarship; however, it’s totally up to you to capitalize on those resources. I advise you all to get involved in as much as you can because when you get involved, your network will grow without much effort.


Rachel Hopkins

Hi, my name is Rachel Hopkins. I'm from Telford, PA and am a sophomore at Pitt this year. I plan to double major in political science and psychology, and attend law school after undergrad. I decided to be a Bridges mentor to share with incoming students the strategies that worked and did not work for me. My biggest struggle freshman year was staying motivated. It's easy to disregard things like readings and attendance because they aren't always technically graded. My advice to incoming freshman is to stay conscious of your course standings throughout the entire semester and hold yourself accountable. Also, bear in mind that college is a time of immense development across your personal life and career path so it's important that you branch out, socially and professionally. Make connections with your peers and professors, and take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. From them you gain the valuable advice, necessary support, and impactful opportunities you'll need to succeed. I look forward to meeting you in the fall!


Julie Mercer

Hey y’all, welcome to Pitt! My name is Julie Mercer and I am from Long Island, New York…yup that’s right, the best state! I’m only (kinda) kidding, but I am so happy that you’ve decided take your next huge endeavor by enrolling at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a sophomore and, for simplicity, a pre-pharmacy major. The determining factors of attending Pitt came with my visit to the campus, how quaint, yet warm and welcoming it was. I’m genuinely excited to help you along your journey of assimilation into the college lifestyle, hopefully making it as smooth and comfortable for you as it was for me! On campus I am involved in the Bridges Program, the Rise Program, YMCA Volunteering club/executive board, and Lambda Sigma Honor Society executive board. I also work off of campus in a pharmacy. Bottom line, the transformation isn’t easy because it is simply not a familiar process; everyone has their own experience, but that’s what truly makes you, you. You WILL enjoy freshman year, and I hope to help you do so!


Kristiana Mitchell

Hi! My name is Kristiana Mitchell and I am from Maryland. I am currently entering my junior year as a Computer Science major and Economics Minor. I came in to Pitt undecided and through their support and many opportunities here at Pitt, I found my place in the computer science department. My main piece of advice is speak up! Ask questions, look for new opportunities, and seek help when you need it. Pitt has a lot of resources to take advantage of. Whether it is socially or academically, you can find the place you want on campus.





Oge Opaigbeogu

Hey! My name is Oge and I'm from PG county Maryland. DMV Squad! I am pre-med and am planning on double majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology. I really love that there are always new events and places to visit and explore around Pittsburgh. I also love that there are so many friendly people. I really wanted to be a mentor because I love being an older sister and answering questions. My mentor was really helpful when I was a freshman, and I'd love to be a help to incoming freshmen. My advice to you would be to go through these four years with no regrets. College is the time to try new things and make mistakes. Four years goes by quickly!



Kendra Plummer

Hi! My name is Kendra Plummer and I am sophomore from New Jersey. I am currently a Psychology Major with a Neuroscience minor. My favorite thing about Pitt so far is the overwhelming amount of resources provided for the students on our campus. From the Academic Resource Center (the ARC), where tutors in a variety of subjects can be found, to the Stress-Free Zone in the William Pitt Union, where you can go to take a break from it all. My advice to the incoming freshmen is to never be afraid to ask for help! Myself and the other amazing mentors are here to ensure that your freshman year, and beyond, is successful and memorable. I look forward to watching you all flourish here at Pitt!



Carine Rosenberg

Hi! My name is Carine Rosenberg and I am a Junior here at Pitt. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. My major is Biology and my minor is Chemistry as I hope to become a trauma surgeon one day. My favorite thing about BRIDGES is that it introduces freshman to experienced upperclassmen who have an unfathomable amount of experience under their belt. Also, BRIDGES provides a fun and relaxed environment for incoming freshmen to meet new people. My advice for incoming freshman is to be open minded, explore Pittsburgh and the surrounding neighborhoods, and ask for help! Go Pitt!




Brittany Royes

Hi all! My name Brittany Royes. I'm a sophomore from Rockville, Maryland, but I lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years when the Steelers were in their prime. (that's not why though, but here we go Steelers) I'm a Psychology major with Chemistry and Chinese minors on the pre-med track and I am on the road to getting a certificate in Asian Studies. When I am not working on my extreme course load, you can find me playing rugby for Pitt's club team, or doing something for my honors fraternity. My favorite thing about Pitt has definitely been BRIDGES and all the people I've met and information I've learned because of it. I had a difficult first semester as a freshman, and I am very excited to be a BRIDGES mentor to help anyone else have a smooth transition into college, and just to make new friends that are going to push me to be successful. Can't wait to meet (and study) with everyone! (Go Steelers!)


Julia Siracuse

Hi! My name is Julia Siracuse, and I'm from Goshen, NY. I am in my senior year here at Pitt double majoring in Sociology and Mandarin Chinese. My favorite thing about Pitt is not only the opportunities you receive from the university itself, but throughout the entire city of Pittsburgh as well. I have found the most challenging aspect of college to be adjusting to the amount of work, the increased level of difficulty, and staying on top of it. It’s all about learning what study habits work the best for you to achieve your academic goals. Your time here goes fast, so be sure to make the most of your resources. Enjoy every moment; embrace the good and learn from the bad. NEVER be afraid to ask for help.



Jerome White

My name is Jerome White and I will be a junior at Pitt. I live in Frederick, Maryland and I am at Pitt working on a neuroscience degree on the pre-med track and a creative writing minor. What I think separates Pitt from other schools is the sheer number of opportunities and activities offered for all areas of study and all interests as well. My advice is to work hard, but also work intelligently. Leave yourself time off to relax and make good study habits to cut down on wasted time. Leave no regrets behind here, just get out achieve everything you know you can!




Charis Williams

Hello, new students! My name is Charis Williams, and I plan to major in Biological Sciences with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Global Studies. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful, lively city. As a freshman, I would advise getting out to see what Pittsburgh has to offer because it is very easy to stay within Oakland. Also, take the time to ask for help by visiting some of the many resourceful offices on campus. The CDPA, Study Abroad, and Honors College all provided me with vital information that contributed to my academic and extracurricular progress. Lastly, take your time to become settled into college. Balance will naturally come, so don't rush it!



Kyle Wyche

Hello, my name is Kyle Wyche, I’m from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I am currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. My interests in science, mainly biological and environmental, have led me to a major in Ecology & Evolution and I’ve dabbled in an engineering minor. One of the many things I enjoy about the University of Pittsburgh is the immense amount of resources available to you; there are hundreds of clubs, programs, and research opportunities you can choose from to help you gain experience and tone your skills. I would strongly advise you to step out of your comfort zone, pursue your interests, and don’t compare yourself to others. Another point of advice would be to make connections with professors and people of different backgrounds. I look forward to getting to know you all.