PORT 1053 Luso-Brazilian Topics: Lusophone Music and Poetry

This course will engage with cultural production and critical thinking on a broad range of topics about the Portuguese-Speaking world. It is appropriate for students with an interest in the history, culture, and society of the Lusosphere. Discussions will focus on music and poetry considering historical, social, and political contexts. Exercises of critical reading and interrogation will contribute for analyses of Lusophone culture, while considering, problematizing, and revising questions and themes of nation, race, gender, etc. The works of music and poetry to be considered represent diverse periods in history. Students will write a series of short papers and develop a final project in consultation with the instructor.  Texts, songs, poems and excerpts of documentaries and films will be used as vehicles for a deeper understanding of Lusophone societies. In this course, students will encounter some Portuguese terms, and be inspired to learn (or expand their knowledge of) the Portuguese language.

  • Luana Reis

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Hispanic Languages and Literatures