SWAHIL 0101 Swahili 1

This is a beginning Swahili course, intended to introduce the language’s basic communicative situations and basic vocabulary and grammar. The course aims to promote practical application of the skills learned in class in self-expression, description of everyday experience as well as enhancement of interpersonal interaction. The course uses mostly East African texts (reading passages, music and videos) to promote students’ understanding and appreciation of Swahili language and culture. While the main focus will be on enriching the students understanding of African culture through Swahili language, students are expected to relate the Swahili culture with their everyday experiences. Students will be expected to memorize vocabulary and utilize it in both speech and writing.

The following types of students will find this course enriching: students looking to complete the African Studies or the Global Studies certificates; those interested in studying abroad in Tanzania; those who wish to apply for a Boren or Critical Language Scholarship or a Fulbright Fellowship; those who seek funding for an entire year of undergraduate education with a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship; those with an interest in East Africa; those majoring in Africana Studies; and those who want to work with East African immigrant and refugee populations in the United States.

  • Filipo Lubua

Number of Credits