Information for Instructors and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)

Current Instructors and UTAs

Just as you are giving our incoming students the tools they need for a smooth transition and a successful and enriching career at Pitt, our office provides tools and resources to make your teaching experience a rewarding one. 

New Instructors

Each fall, the Dietrich School welcomes more than 3,000 first-term students to Pitt's campus. Empower these new students and enhance their experiences, while enriching your own awareness of the changing student body by teaching Academic Foundations, a one-credit orientation course.

New UTAs

If you have a love of Pitt, a desire to teach, and great interpersonal skills, you might make an excellent Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA). Join the more than 80 upperclassmen who dedicate their time to help first-term students make their transition to college a smooth and successful one.