London Field Studies Videos

Participants in the 2015 London Field Studies program share their experiences, photos, and video footage. 

Kilian Liptrot

The London Field Studies allowed Kilian Liptrot, a Politics and Philosophy major, to take his research on gentrification in the United States to an international level.


Emily Durham

Emily Durham (BA '15, Archaeology and English Writing) was interested in the culture behind zine production. She traveled to London, a hub for zine culture and research, for once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Joe Spinogatti

Theater Arts and Information Science major Joe Spinogatti talks about how research in the humanities opens you up to different opinions and connects you with people from diverse disciplines.



Chidi Nwakpuda

Chidi Nwakpuda, a microbiology major in the Dietrich School, explored her interest in diversity by studying multiculturalism policies in London and how they effect immigrant groups.


Cassidy Davis

Communication major Cassidy Davis never thought she'd find research opportunities in her field. But through the OUR, she developed her own unique project, examining gender stereotypes in modern sitcoms.


Kara Boutselis

Kara Boutselis, a Psychology and Communication major in Pitt's Dietrich School, looks at the school story genre of literature by comparing Harry Potter with Tom Brown's School Days.