A Connected Community

Create Connections

College is all about making connections. And once you’re a Pitt student, you’re a member of a lifelong network of Pitt students, faculty, and alumni. 

The Dietrich School is designed to connect you to your peers, our world-class faculty members, and the unique resources of the campus and city—from the first day you arrive until long after you graduate. We’re here to help you not only find what you love to do, but to find the people who love it too and the places where you can make it happen.

After all, you’re not just here to get a degree. You’re here to experience college: to grow and build the skills you’ll rely on for the rest of your life; to travel, whether across the globe or across town; to help your fellow students; to become a leader; to do stuff that matters. 

Sharpen Your Skills

Want to hone a particular skill sets or focus on one particular area? Create your own specialized study plan working with one of these centers:

Join a Community

The Dietrich School facilitates communities dedicated to bringing like-minded students together to address unique challenges—from the very first day through graduation.

Lead the Way

You don’t have to wait until grad school to start teaching and leading. In the Dietrich School, you can share your unique skill sets and knowledge, pick up valuable experience that looks great on a résumé, and earn academic credit as early as your sophomore year. While you’re building all those employable skills—like leadership and communication—you’ll also be part of a tight-knit community of like-minded students.

Explore Near and Far

Maybe you’re eager to see the world and travel abroad. Or maybe you’re eager to see more of Pittsburgh and connect to the city’s world-class resources. Whether the adventure you seek is a bus ride or a plane trip away, opportunities abound.