PSY 1054 Topics in Cognitive Psychology - Bilingualism

In this class, we will discuss models of bilingualism, and the psycholinguistic aspects of being bilingual. Topics that may be covered include: bilingual memory representation as a function of language proficiency, language learning method, and word/concept type; how bilinguals recognize words (printed and spoken); whether the bilingual's two languages are always "active" to some extent; how bilinguals manage to perform in one language without getting "mixed up"; whether bilinguals have cognitive advantages over monolinguals; and, how speaking two languages influences thought. Discussion will be emphasized during meeting periods, and a final paper will be required. The instructor invites students interested in the course to contact her if they have additional, relevant topics that they would like to discuss in class. This course is offered in the fall 2017 term.

  • Natasha Tokowicz

Number of Credits


Course prerequisites

PSY 0010, 0012, 0015, or 0101; and PSY 0032, 0035, or 1031; or permission from the instructor