Unless otherwise indicated, the following forms should be e-mailed to Student Records (

Guide: How to find the Class# 5-digit for your forms!

Students: If you are using your phone, please do not take pictures of the documents, as these can be difficult to read.  Rather, please download and use a scanning app (such as Adobe Scan, CamScanner, etc).

Withdraw & Resignation

Please note that if you seek to withdraw from all of your courses and it's before 60% of the term has expired, you must speak with the Student Appeals Office for a resignation. Their phone number is 412-624-7585 and their email is

Monitored Withdrawal - The deadline to submit a Monitored Withdrawal form to the Student Records email was Friday, March 18th at 4 PM ET

Withdraw from All Classes - The deadline to submit a Withdraw for All Classes request to the Student Records email for the Spring 2022 (2224) term was Friday, April 8th at 4 PM ET.

Summer Courses at Another College

Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive a decision, which will be sent to your Pitt e-mail account.

Request to Take Summer Courses at Another College - Qualtrics Form. 

Best Fit

If you want to switch a course from what general education requirement it is currently counting towards on your advisement report to another requirement it is approved to count for, please fill out the following form:

However, if you are seeking to have a course count towards a general education requirement that it is not approved to count for, please call 412-624-6480 to set up an appointment with the assistant dean.

Course Repeat

Satisfactory/No Credit or Audit Request

Request to do Study Abroad in your Senior year

Once you have the Study Abroad in Final Term form filled out, please call 412-624-6480 to set up an appointment with an assistant dean to have this form signed.

Transfer out of either Arts & Sciences or the College of General Studies to Another School at Pitt/Double Degree

The following form is for those seeking to transfer out of Arts & Sciences or the College of General Studies to another school at Pitt, or who wish to pursue a double degree between either of these schools and another Pitt school.

Academic Program (School) Change - Qualtrics form

Reinstatement & Second Degree Applications


Academic Advising Forms

Dietrich School Major, Minor, and Certificate Declaration - Qualtrics form

To declare a Dietrich School major, minor, or certificate, please complete the form above. All newly declared minors and/or certificates will be effective starting with the Fall 2022 term. Some declarations may require review by an academic advisor before they are processed. The deadline to declare a Dietrich School major for the Fall 2022 term is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 2.